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Friday, July 17th

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Ash Bolete Mushroom Hunt with David Wolfe

Healthy Tips: Cooking with mushrooms.

Mushroom picking on the Mornington Peninsula has always been a popular thing to do however you need to be cautious and know the difference between an edible and poisonous mushroom.

The recent, heavy rainfall and other parts of the country has coincided with the cooler autumn weather to create a huge wild mushroom crop this year, as the mushrooms started popping up, so does the cases of accidental mushroom poisonings.

To avoid this make sure you research what type of edible mushroom exist on the mornington peninsula and keep with you a set of images to help you easily identify them before picking. Mushroom picking can be fun and a great way to get some exercise.

In this short video, David Avocado Wolfe takes us on a journey through the forests near his home to find the Ash Bolete Mushrooms. Then he takes us in the home to show us a little preparation in the kitchen.

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