Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you deliver to me?

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

No, you don’t need to be home. We recommend that you leave an Esky out with an ice pack, so we can carefully pack any perishable items in there awaiting your return.

Can I order a Seasonal Box on a weekly or fortnightly basis?

Yes you can! Simply select your Seasonal Box or Boxes and choose from the drop down menu Weekly or Fortnightly deliveries. Set and Forget! This way your assured to have the freshest produce delivered your door and don’t have to do a thing, as you are now a VIP Member.

Can I add more items to a Seasonal Box?

You sure can! A seasonal box is great way to get a wide variety of fresh fruit and/or vegetables, though sometimes it may not have the required amount of produce you need for your families needs.

What if I don’t want a Seasonal Box, can I just order what I need?

Certainly. Just simply start shopping by adding items to the cart to create your own personalized “Wholesome Box of Goodness”.

Is there a Minimum that I need to order?

Yes, there is a $55.00 minimum order, to qualify for delivery. Plus the delivery rate applicable.

(Generally $10 Flat Rate)

How do I know what the quality of Produce to expect in my order?

We pride ourselves, in sourcing the highest quality, local produce as if you were shopping for yourself. If we don’t like the look of something, it won’t be in your box.

We offer a 100% Quality Guarantee!

We understand that buying your groceries online, especially fruit and vegetables, involves a high degree of trust. We shop for you, as if it’s for us, so if we don’t like the quality, you won’t have that item included in your box. We strive to provide you with the freshest produce available and back it up with a 100% quality guarantee.


How do I pay?

You pay select to pay by either Cash On Delivery (COD) or Credit Card at the time of placing your order.

Payment is to be made on receipt of your delivery if C.O.D or your pre arranged Credit Card will be debited upon placing your order.

What happens if I order item/s and it’s not available?

Sometimes items are not available due to numerous factors such as season, weather, availability, supply etc.  Or could even be that the quality was not up to our standard. If this occurs and the value of the item/s is under $10, we will add extra Fruit & Veg to the same value. If it’s over $10 we will issue you with a Store Credit/Coupon via email.                                  (refer to “How do I apply my Store Credit/Coupon” for further instructions)

How do I apply my Store Credit/Coupon?

  1. Log In
  2. Once you have logged in it will let you know it there is any store credits
  3. Copy the link
  4. Then place your order as per usual. (but don’t submit it yet)
  5. There is a “Coupon Code” Box, just under your last item on the Left Hand Side
  6. Paste your Store Credit link there
  7. Then click on APPLY

You should scroll down & look on the Right Hand Side of the Page where Order total & Shipping is, then check to see if the Store Credit has been applied.

If so then Click on CHECKOUT & you’re done!

If this doesn’t make any sense just txt me when you’re doing your next order & I can guide you

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