Are you looking to have fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables Home Delivered?

At Red Hill Fresh, we can help you!

You have the choice to select a “Seasonal Box” a “Subscription Box” or create your own “Wholesome Box of Goodness“.

If you select a Seasonal Box, this gives you the opportunity to try our range of boxes. Which then allows you to choose which box you would like to subscribe to.

Subscription boxes allow you the ease of  “Set N Forget” option, where you can have your box delivered on a Weekly or Fortnightly basis. It’s easy you simply select your box, choose your size of the box & then the frequency that you would like it delivered.

Important Note:

You can only order 1 subscription box per order. So if you would like to order multiple boxes you will need to do multiple orders.
Once you have done this the website will recognize that you are a Subscription customer & allow you to add any extras without charging you another delivery fee.

Once you put your first order in, we’ll take care of the rest, so you don’t need to do a thing!

Creating your own “Wholesome Box of Goodness” to suit you and your families needs, is a great way to know you’re providing the most nutrient-rich produce from paddock to plate. Simply browse our online cart and add items as you go. It’s that easy!

We will keep you up to date with a short Text message about our specials and new products, as a handy reminder to get your order in on time so you don’t miss out.

How does it work?

Red Hill Fresh delivers all over the Mornington Peninsula with quality Organic Fruit & Vegetables, fresh from the farm. We also offer a wide range of essential items, such as milk, bread, & dairy just to name a few, straight to your door.

We carefully hand select Seasonal Organic Produce to go into your Wholesome Box of Goodness.

This is dependent on what is in season, what our local farmers are growing, quality of produce, so we can fill your box with Wholesome, Nutritious, Organic Goodness!

Each week we update the Red Hill Fresh website with the latest prices and what goes in our Seasonal Boxes based on current market availability.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cater to individual dietary requirements or substitutions in the Seasonal Boxes. We suggest that you select your own items to go in your box.

How to order

Log In & Place Your Order: Before 7 am every Wednesday for delivery Thursday PM & Friday.

This will allow you to ADD any Extras, REMOVE any items or INCREASE the quantity of produce that you may have run out of.

This helps reduce waste, by not accumulating an abundance of the same produce.

How to search for a product

Watch this short video to learn how to search for a product.

How to order Weekly or Fortnightly with our “Set & Forget” option

Watch this short video to find out how simple it is to “Set & Forget”

Your nominated subscription will automatically renew on your behalf every Monday so there’s no need for you to do a thing! Except make sure that the funds are available.

This will allow us to source the freshest produce available and as we know when it is harvested and delivered to the market.


Your Seasonal Box of Wholesome Goodness is delivered on Thursday’s* &  Friday’s*  in our Refrigerated Van.

*Dependant on your suburb

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