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Friday, August 30th

You are currently outside this week’s delivery window. All orders must be placed before 7am Tuesday for delivery this week (Thurs or Fri)

H1 Don’t you just love the flavor of new season apples!

H2 Now in season

Paragraph story

We are expecting a bumper crop on the Red Hill Hinterland, and are now available in our online cart. 

Royal Gala Organic Apples, Hinterland Fresh, Certified Organic Apples, Apples om the Mornington Peninsula

Crisp, Fresh, Mouth watering Organic, New Season Royal Gala Apples now available.

The first bite for me was just mouth watering, I haven’t tasted an apple this crisp, fresh ……


H3 highlight ideal for ……..



H3 Highlight just in time for……




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