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Wheat Grain Hard 20kg BULK

An Australian grown certified Demeter Biodynamic hard wheat with a protein level of greater than 12%. Easily stored for long periods with its nutritional value intact. Commonly used for home milling and sprouting.


Brand: Edwards

Origin: Victoria

Certification: DA

Benefits of organic wheat grain

Organic wheat grain contains vital nutrients that include providing dietary fibre, selenium, and the mineral manganese. Hard wheat contains a higher protein content. With the higher protein content comes a higher concentration of gluten.

The nutrients contained within wheat grain can help to promote healthy bacteria growth in the gut. [1]

Consumption of wheat grain helps to reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. [2]

Wheat grain has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of colon cancer [3]

As with all organic food, organic wheat grain is produced without the aid of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. Certified organic food has been shown to have a higher nutritional value than conventionally produced foods.

How to use hard wheat grains

Hard wheat grains can be ground into flour using a wheat grinder or grain mill. Home milling can be done using electronic or manual wheat grinders. Milled hard wheat grain flour has a different colour than all-purpose flour but the taste remains the same. It is a versatile grain with a robust texture that can be used for a variety of baked goods including flatbreads, rolls, buns, bread, tortillas and cereals.

Hard wheat flour can also be added to soups, puddings, salads and stews.

How long does hard wheat grain last?

When purchased in 20 kg bags, wheat grain seeds will last for 12 months provided it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Hard wheat grain when stored in a cool dry place will last for 12 months. Its shelf life can be prolonged further by storing it in a sealed bucket and oxygen absorber.

How to use sprouted hard wheat grains

Sprouted wheat can be used in a variety of foods and recipes. It can be added to soups, salads and bread. It can also be dehydrated and ground into flour for sourdough baking. It can also be used to make porridge or breakfast cereal.

What does certified Demeter biodynamic mean?

Certified Demeter biodynamic is a certified organic rating applied by the biodynamic research institute. The rating is applied to organic products that meet the following standards n Australia:
Local farmers “must satisfy the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce and show soil structure development and farm management as detailed in the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method Standard.”[4]


1. Adele Costabile, Annett Klinder, Francesca Fava, and others (1-2008), “Whole-grain wheat breakfast cereal has a prebiotic effect on the human gut microbiota: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study”, British Journal of Nutrition, Issue 1, Folder 99, Page 110-120. Edited.

2. Giuseppe Pepa, Claudia Vetrani, Marilena Vitale, and others (12-9-2018), “Wholegrain Intake and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Evidence from Epidemiological and Intervention Studies”, Nutrients, Issue 9, Folder 10, Page 1288. Edited.

3.Hongyan Qu, Ronald Madl, Dolores Takemoto, and others (1-3-2005), “Lignans Are Involved in the Antitumor Activity of Wheat Bran in Colon Cancer SW480 Cells “, The Journal of Nutrition, Issue 3, Folder 135, Page 598–602. Edited.


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I can not express enough how happy I am to have found your company and fresh produce! I am a carer for my grandmother and to have Red Hill Fresh deliver direct to our door is a god send!
Goodbye forever to green potatoes and wilted broccoli from the supermarkets! Hello to Red Hill Fresh and directly to your door! It’s an honour to support the local farmers and the taste in their produce does not even compare to what’s out there in supermarkets!
Try their meat also!! The organic porterhouse steaks and chook are so tasty and fresh, you’ll regret it if you don’t!
Thanks one again Red Hill Fresh from one satisfied customer 🙂
Thanks Bec !

“Red Hill Fresh’s customer service is a standout feature.

They are passionate about not only providing you with the best seasonal organic produce but are also more than happy to help with any special dietary requirements you may have.

I love the convenience of online shopping and knowing that I’m going to get fresh, high quality food delivered straight to my front door each week.”

Damian Brown
Naturopath & Kinesiologist

“I pay for my parents who are elderly to receive a delivery each fortnight as part of the VIP service.

My parents love the convenience of not having to battle the supermarkets and look forward to their delivery. I love knowing they are getting quality fresh produce delivered, eating well and not driving unnecessarily.

My mum and dad love the friendly visits and I get updated on how they are doing which is a fantastic service that Bec offers. Highly recommended if you have elderly parents that you want to make sure they are eating well and in good spirits”

Tim – Mornington

“I order my organic fruit and veg each week from the website which is quick and easy to use and the quality is fantastic. Bec delivers each week always with a big smile and the quality of the produce is fantastic .  I love the fact I have more time to spend with the family.”

Brigette Sigley Somers

“I would highly recommend Red Hill Fresh. The produce, variety and information on it’s source is excellent and trustworthy. The highly ethical standards and contact with supplier Red Hill Fresh has developed, is very reassuring.

If you want to know anything Bec is always available to help and research it out for you and whenever possible provide any product you need. Finally produce that tastes the way nature intended! Home delivery is the icing on the cake! A very satisfied customer.”

Jane. D. Mt Martha

“Thanks for providing such a wonderful service to the community.

It used to be such a challenge to source a good range of quality, healthy, organic and allergy friendly foods to keep my family well fed. I really appreciate how easy you make the process with online ordering and home delivery.

Your personalised service helps reduce the stress of sourcing difficult items, checking ingredients and any other queries that come up – and you always have a smile and make it seem like nothing is too much trouble. Thanks for everything you do!”

Belinda. Mt Martha

“After years of regular store bought, I’d forgotten the real taste of fruit and vegetables. It is so fresh and yummy! It’s always nice when Bec arrives with a box of goodies; it’s lovely to talk to someone who is so passionate about what she does. Cheers”

Ann. Safety Beach

“Just a quick note on how much I appreciate the quality and convenience of Red Hill Fresh. Since moving to Blairgowrie 12 months ago I found it difficult to find good quality organic produce and I was recommended Red Hill Fresh.

Since giving it a go, I found the website easy to use and was surprised to find they sold organic meat, pantry, cleaning products and best of all, fruit and veg just to name a few. I look forward to your friendly face every Friday at my front door and in the whole year there has never been a hiccup with the service or produce, being local or off your farm. Thank you again, see you Friday Regards,”

Lynne. Blairgowrie

“I would like to thank Bec and her family at Red Hill Fresh. Bec provides a very high service and goes out of her way to help with anything you may need. Being able to order on-line and have it delivered to your front door by Bec makes my life so much easier.

The quality of organic fruit and vegetables taste so fresh and so good. Also the extra range of organic products that have become available is fantastic. There is hardly any need to go to the supermarket. I am so thankful to have found Red Hill Fresh and to have met you Bec”

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I have been using Red Hill Fresh for about a year now and there is no going back. Bec is passionate about organic food and that shows through the quality of the produce that we receive each week.

The range has expanded to cover almost everything we require, and Bec is always open to sourcing new things. I have very little need for the supermarket and the convenience of the online shopping system is fantastic. Well done, and keep it up, fantastic!! Thanks Bec,”

Jane P. Balnarring Beach